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The results for the contest are in! We had some great entries, thanks to everyone who participated!

- Our First Prize goes to Zolah! Loved the detail, especially in her scales and her limb! Even added a frame too!

- Second Prize goes to Key Keeper Dom! It’s a great art style, the swirls and patterns in her scales and tail look really nice on her!

- And our Third Finalist Prize goes to Shady Knolls! The shading and reflections are definitely my favorite parts of this one, good job!

The rest of our entries include:

Apple Syrup! Meddy looks pretty in this, the simple reflections in her snakes turned out really nice I thought!

Silver Pallette! Always love traditional Meddy doodles, that hatching took a while I bet! It looks nice!

Strong Runner! Drawing happy Meddy in the silliest of poses is always a great idea!

Brainy Twilight! They even put in the extra effort of addign Arachne and Amani too! Thank you!

- And finally, Endarkculi! I was feeling nervous about not getting any fanarts so they took it upon themselves to be the first to submit art for the contest! Thank you for the effort!

To see all the entries, head on over to! I’ll also be cataloging all the fanarts Meddy has gotten before and adding the rest there soon!

And that’s everyone! I’ll be sending messages to each of the participants over the next few weeks about participating in the special update later. Our finalist will also get details on their extra prizes sometime in May after classes are over. Thanks to everyone for participating, I think the contest turned out well after all!

Wohoo! I did good!

First Aha, then this - feels like a good day <3

( I need more of these )


Let’s Just Ask Pinkie Tai~ turned 2 today!

Wow, it’s been two whole years, guys. Two whole years of sharp teeth, soda guzzling, monster admiration, and latex socks. I’ve loved every minute of it~

When I first started, I didn’t think I’d ever reach even 100 followers. Now I have 13 times that many. And it’s all because you guys are so awesome~  I couldn’t do this without you, and I certainly wouldn’t have reached this milestone without all your support~

Let’s go for many years more, everypony~!

Happy Bday Tai! - tackle glompage -


Medusa in all her royalty-ness…?

Tried to make a nice frame to go with it but it got wonky, hopefully people wont mind!

Here is a better image that is also available for download!

AAAAAAHHHHH ASHFAGSFHSGDHSD THIS IS SO PRETTY!!! Thank you so much for this! Between this and the canon chimera from last week’s episode I have a lot more inspiration to keep drawing silly snake horse, thank you!

Youre welcome x3 

About the horn, I was thinking about reindeer horns for an inspiration :)

Im happy you liked it <3

Finally done!

Miss Medusas royal portrait, in all her glory - you can even see the brush marks! tried to make it look like an authentic painting like ive learned in school.

( It was a bitch to submit thou, the design of the contest page wasnt easily oriented and sadly i couldnt send more then one image of it ._.  - )

here for a better image at deviantart :)

And Soon my pony friends, I will be back. I cant promise much yet thou!

/ Zo

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